About Me

About Me

Elsie Gilmore, MELP

I try to look at things from a different angle.

I am passionate about simple living, but I’m not just another pretty face who’s following the current tiny living trend. I have an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a master’s in Environmental Law & Policy. That master’s is the MELP after my name. I knew when I got the degree that no one would ever know what MELP stood for, but I paid for those damn letters, and I’m going to use them. I’ve started, grown and sold two small businesses and currently own a third as a web designer/developer.

I live in an urban area and use all different forms of transportation. I want every day of my life to be an adventure, and I try to use my car as little as possible. I meet people on the street, plan out my routes from Point A to Point B, explore local businesses and generally have fun getting around and interacting with other humans.

I’ve done a lot of cool stuff in my life, and my lifestyle choices provide me the freedom to do that. My goal is to share those adventures with you in order to inspire you to live freely and simply.

My Mission

Get urban dwellers thinking about the way they live
I’m interested in smart urban planning, making roads safe for all types of transportation and encouraging people to look beyond their automobile at other types of transportation that make sense.

Get people thinking about quality of life instead of the pursuit of “more”
My happiness level has never been higher. My interactions with human beings have increased, I’m healthy, and I put thought into how I spend my day and what I spend my money on. This is possible for just about anyone to do.

Environmental protection
Getting people to change their attitudes about transportation and consumerism is a huge step in the pursuit of environmental protection. As they say, there’s no Planet B. We need to protect the one we have.

Current Projects

  • Travel writing on 5-day trips
  • Acts of urban mischief
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Using my skills as an instigator, I have facilitated the following activities that helped raise the level of consciousness and joy of urban inhabitants and visitors.

  • Downtown St. Pete bike rack cataloging (2016)
  • PARK(ing) Day 2015St. Petersburg participates in International PARK(ing) Day
  • FREE HUGS at Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg (January 2015)
  • Yarn Bombing in Rutland, Vermont (March 2014)
  • Rutland Herald column called Rutland UpRising (2014)
  • Rutland UpRising marketing campaign in Rutland, Vermont (2014)
  • Regular radio guest appearances on Morning Chat with Ken Hayes on WSYB (2014)