Adventures in Permaculture: Day 13

Adventures in Permaculture: Day 13

Woke up this morning feeling MUCH better than yesterday and with the comforting knowledge that the course is over in 4 days and I can return to my home.  Unfortunately, today is also a cooking day for my team, so I woke up knowing I’d have little free time today.  My alarm went off at 6:00 a.m. and I got up, as usual, and sat with my computer for a bit.

While doing this, I opened two emails that turned out to be important to me.  One was from GOOD and talked about a contest where two female bloggers could win a trip to Kenya to report on the efforts there to help women.  Unfortunately, they were looking for people between 21-35.  I hate getting older!  I looked up the company holding the contest, and they turned out to be pretty cool.  They’re based out of Lausanne, Switzerland, where I happen to have a very good friend.  Their business model is “profit for a purpose” which I find very appealing and would like to emulate.  I’m super disappointed that I don’t qualify for their contest, but I am going to contact them regardless and see if there is some way I can intern or somehow work with them.  They create life-saving products for people in the poorest nations that help prevent disease from water, insects, etc.

Then another email I received told of a group of people, including 28 members of congress, who pledged to fast to some degree in opposition to the Republicans’ proposed budget cuts that would hurt the poorest Americans.  More than 30,000 people have signed up to participate in this fast, which began on March 28th, and today I joined them.  Why?  Because this is a visible, powerful movement – the kind I think we should be engaging in more.  The kind the people of Wisconsin are engaging in.  The kind of thing that gets results.  And so, for the rest of my trip, I will not be eating dinner.  Then when I get back, I will probably expand my fast and do more blogging about it.  Going hungry for one meal a day is nothing – people do that every day but not out of choice.

I also decided not to send my quarterly tax payment to Uncle Sam.  Why?  Because I don’t like what they want to spend it on.  And until I know that my parents’ meager monthly assistance is going to remain intact, I might as well just hold onto that money for them.  I don’t support bombing and killing the crap out of other countries, so why should I pay for it?  It’s running our country into the ground.  As long as we blindly do what they tell us to do, we are endorsing and encouraging their behavior.  When will we be angry enough to take action to make change?

Our instructor today was Mark Lakeman of City Repair, and he had some cool things to talk about.  There is a movement in Portland to create more community/gathering spaces, and it has sort of taken off in a guerrilla fashion.   The end result is safer, more cohesive neighborhoods and more acceptance/cooperation from local government.  It definitely got me to thinking about how I can do something similar in my own neighborhood.  I have been trying really hard to befriend my immediate neighbors, and I would like to do more of that.

Took tonight off to work, but it’s so hard because I’m always so tired by the end of the day.  My brain hurts from this trip.

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  1. I support as well. However not sure about not paying tax on time. I think maybe you should file a extension so you do not get hit with late fee. I do feel your frustration. If everyone would contact there reps. I think that could have a huge result. So many of us do nothing. I think people are frustrated and they need to express that to congress. I have been doing alot of volunteer work and there are so many down on there luck. It just doesn’t seem right to take from them. It makes more sense to increase tax on those who can afford it.

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