Christmas in the age of stuff

Christmas in the age of stuff

Christmas is fast approaching, and I just moved into a 360-square-foot apartment. “Stuff” is something I don’t need.

Even my friend’s 15-year-old daughter is dreading Christmas. She doesn’t like to get gratuitous stuff. For one, she doesn’t know how to react to a well-intended gift that is something she doesn’t need or want. And what do you do with a gift that you know you will not use or enjoy? I have literally put gifts in the donation pile the day after Christmas.

Let’s be honest, does our love of the giver require us to keep a stuffed Christmas bear indefinitely? Or a piece of clothing that we would never wear? Many folks just don’t have the intestinal fortitude to tell Grandma that the sweater is not our style and ask for the receipt to make an exchange. And so we create waste.

If you really love me, you will not give me a gift just for the sake of obligation. And I will tell you right now that the only gift I need is your love.

But if you must, in order to feel like a decent human being, gift me something, here is a great list of things I would love to receive from you and that you could safely give any minimalist or environmentally-friendly person on your list:

– Locally made honey or jam
– A home-made dessert
– Locally made soap
– Take me for coffee
– Take me to lunch
– Take me out for a beer
– Let’s go for pizza
– Picnic!
– A nice, long walk together with a few selfies thrown in
– A nice box of tea
– A bag of organic produce
– A bag of apples
– A small container of maple syrup
– An invitation to your house for dinner
– An invitation to go to a movie with  you

There are so MANY meaningful gifts you can give that won’t end up on a shelf in the closet.

Have fun with your creative gift giving!