My Adventures

My Adventures

Keeping this list of my life adventures helps ensure that my life is adventurous and meaningful.


  • Renamed and re-branded my business as Solid Red Studios, LLC
  • Was interviewed by ABC Action News about development in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Attended the 2019 Climate Action Conference in Tampa, FL


  • Bought my first coffee maker – an Aeropress!
  • Saw Tango Fire at Mahaffey Theater
  • Paid off my car 5 years early!
  • Attended a tiny home festival in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Cured my migraines!
  • Traded in my car for a minivan for roomier travel
  • Drove from Florida to Vermont with my cat
  • Visited family in Virginia
  • Spent the summer in Vermont
  • Converted my minivan for camping
  • Went on a cruise on Lake Champlain in Vermont with Bernie Sanders and some of his supporters
  • Saw David Byrne in concert at Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Spent a week in NYC during the holidays


  • My UrbanPathfinder app was the subject of an online article
  • Saw Victor Wainwright & The Wild Roots in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Saw Henry Rollins on his spoken word tour in Clearwater, FL
  • Participated in the MLK Jr. Day parade with Sierra Club
  • Joined over 20,000 people for St. Petersburg’s Women’s March
  • I was a guest on Henry Raines’s radio show discussing Syrian refugees in Rutland, Vermont
  • Gave a presentation about minimalism at the Tiny Home Festival in St. Pete
  • My mother and sister came to FL for a visit
  • Went on a 5-day trip to Cuba
  • Visited Vermont for 2 weeks
  • Saw Puddles Pity Party in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Acted in a commercial in downtown St. Petersburg, FL
  • Evacuated from Hurricane Irma
  • My niece came to visit for a long weekend
  • Attended a large tiny house festival in St. Augustine, FL


  • Spent a few months working in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Co-hosted the Tampa area Minimalist meetups
  • Road trip to Virginia
  • Visited Charleston, SC for the first time
  • Went roller skating for the first time in 20+ years
  • Voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary!
  • Saw They Might Be Giants in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Organized volunteers to catalog the bike racks in downtown St. Petersburg, FL
  • Spent a long weekend with a high school friend I hadn’t seen in 25+ years
  • Began working on Urban Pathfinder, an app for urban adventurers
  • Participated in Hands Across the Sand with the Sierra Club
  • Visited family in Virginia
  • Visited Philadelphia for the first time
  • Attended my nephew’s wedding in Jay Peak, Vermont
  • Took the train to NYC from Vermont
  • Visited the Whitney Museum for the first time
  • Visited the Dia museum for the first time
  • Spent a week in Rutland, Vermont
  • Was a guest on Kenn Hayes’s radio show on WSYB in Rutland, Vermont
  • Took the train from Vermont to Florida in a sleeper car
  • Started writing my first memoir
  • Attended WordCamp Tampa
  • Volunteered at the inaugural Open Streets event
  • Adopted a precious kitty named Libby
  • Was invited to write a blog post for international bicycle manufacturer Brompton
  • Was honored as Volunteer of the Year by ShiftStPete
  • Spent Christmas in Virginia


  • Took an online writing course through The Poynter Institute
  • Read some of my writing aloud in public for the first time
  • Started outlining my first book
  • Spent my birthday in Sarasota, Florida at my favorite pub
  • Went on a literary pub crawl
  • Did a photo shoot with Daniel Perales at Booth Studio in Sarasota, FL
  • Saw The Indigo Girls with an orchestra at Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Participated in the Tweed Ride in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Went kayaking for the first time
  • Attended a rally hosted by Nelson Campbell and T. Colin Campbell and and saw the premiere of PlantPure Nation in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Spent a week in Virginia for Apple Blossom Festival
  • Spent 10 days in Vermont
  • Was a guest on Kenn Hayes’ morning show on WSYB in Rutland, VT
  • Organized International PARK(ing) Day in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Started the Coffee With Strangers blog/podcast
  • Was a guest on WMNF radio show in Tampa, FL
  • Bought a car after not owning one for several years


  • Started a Rutland Uprising!
  • Wrote a twice monthly column for the Rutland Herald from January through July
  • Saw Main Street Dive at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT
  • Joined Project VISION
  • Became part of the founding team of the Women’s Professional Development Center of Rutland
  • Started appearing each month on Kenn Hayes’ radio show on WSYB in Rutland, VT
  • Developed a following for Urban Mayhem Project
  • Spent a week in Winchester, VA
  • Saw Peter Mulvey perform in Middletown Springs, VT
  • Sat on a panel after the movie Medora at Rutland Free Library
  • Attended and helped with the annual Women Making a Difference Brunch at Mountain Top Inn
  • Acted as a Social Media guru at two events sponsored by the Vermont Digital Economy Project
  • Participated in NeighborWorks’ community asset mapping project
  • Started another website business – Elsie Gilmore dotcom
  • Went to San Diego, CA
  • Participated in the Mother’s Day 5K run/walk in Rutland, VT
  • Experienced a tornado-like storm in Rutland, VT and ended up on the news
  • Participated in the 100 Miles in 100 Days walking challenge
  • Invested in a Brompton folding bicycle!
  • Rented the tiny apartment of my dreams in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Got my first facial
  • Spent a week in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Participated in the People’s Climate March in NYC
  • Saw Puddles Pity Party in St. Petersburg, FL


  • Attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Sold Women With Moxie to an amazing woman!
  • Got my third tattoo
  • Went to Key West for the first time
  • Turned 40!
  • Participated in the President’s Day climate rally in DC
  • Went to my first yoga class
  • Accidentally saw Naughty by Nature at Jannus Landing
  • Baked my first loaf of bread from scratch: beer bread!
  • Attended the Loyalty Day parade in Rutland, Vermont
  • Graduated from Vermont Law School with a Master of Environmental Law and Policy
  • Attended the Slow Living Summit in Brattleboro, VT
  • Marched in the St. Petersburg Pride parade with Planned Parenthood
  • Worked at SolarFest running the sponsor hospitality tent
  • Worked at Suncoast Waterkeeper for the summer
  • Saw Space Hog and Psychedelic Furs in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Presented info at a 12-hour meeting on proposed countywide regulation changes in Manatee County, FL
  • Attended Harvest Moon in Middletown Springs, VT
  • Rented an office in beautiful downtown Rutland, VT
  • Joined the Board of Directors of Green Across the Pacific
  • Participated in’s Draw The Line rally in Middlebury, VT
  • Attended a lecture by Steven Pinker at UVM in Burlington, VT
  • Participated in the Zombie Outbreak in Rutland, VT
  • Attended the 17th Annual Women’s Economic Opportunity Conference in Randolph, VT
  • Attended the Woodstock Digital Media Festival in Woodstock, VT
  • Attended a Peter Mulvey concert in Randolph, VT
  • Attended the Vermont Web Marketing Summit in Burlington, VT
  • Saw Bonnie Raitt perform in Clearwater, FL
  • Volunteered at the Vermont Environmental Consortium annual trade show in Rutland, VT
  • Volunteered for Gift of Life Marathon in Rutland, VT


  • Sold my website design/development business
  • Spent January and February in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Toured the Rainbow Warrior III, Greenpeace’s newest ship
  • Saw They Might Be Giants at Ritz Ybor
  • Bought my first hula hoop!
  • Vacationed in Bonaire
  • Participated in the e-Vermont summit on Vermont’s digital future
  • Became the Sponsor Coordinator for SolarFest
  • Attended the Slow Living Summit in Brattleboro, VT
  • Volunteered all weekend at SolarFest
  • Attended a week-long residency at Vermont Law School for my masters program
  • Met NPR’s Richard Harris
  • Passed the Vermont Hunter Safety Course
  • Was featured in an article in the Rutland County Express
  • Helped Middletown Springs, VT launch their town website
  • Spent 3 weeks in Europe
  • Saw His Holiness The Dalai Lama speak in Middlebury, VT
  • Saw Henry Rollins in Montpelier, VT
  • Attended Noise Ordinance III in Sarasota, FL
  • Attended the 3rd annual Chillounge in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Participated in a photo shoot for Booth Studio


  • Attended a black tie Christmas gala at Southern Vermont Arts Center
  • Visited my friends Matt and Buzz in Boston
  • Returned to D.C. for the “White House hug”
  • Got to see Ben Taylor perform
  • Began my Master of Environmental Law & Policy through Vermont Law School
  • Was arrested during my participation in the Tar Sands Action in Washington, D.C.
  • Was a sponsor for and attended SolarFest in Tinmouth, VT
  • I was interviewed on Sarasota Talk Radio by Susan Nilon on 1280 AM
  • Volunteered at the Planned Parenthood booth at the Harvey Milk Festival
  • Sat on a panel about Economic Gardening held by Sarasota BarCamp
  • Attended the annual BCI Expo in Miami
  • Took a 2-week Permaculture Design Certification Course in Eugene, OR
  • Went stand-up paddleboarding for the first time
  • Saw Malcolm Gladwell and Adam Gopnik speak
  • Was photographed for and featured in SRQ Magazine
  • Was featured in an article in Venice Magazine
  • Saw Tony Blair speak
  • Assisted with registration for and attended a dinner featuring Cherie Blair
  • Snorkeled for the first time
  • Spent a week in beautiful Bonaire
  • Saw George Will speak
  • Met Greg Mortenson and saw him speak
  • Attended a Tiny House Building workshop in Orlando, FL



  • Met someone special
  • Did a nude photo shoot with Daniel Perales at Booth Studio in Sarasota, FL
  • Saw Cowboy Junkies in Orlando, FL
  • Saw Hungrytown in Sarasota, FL
  • Attended Greek Glendi in Sarasota, FL
  • Attended Beer Festival in Bradenton, FL
  • Attended the Scottish Festival in Venice, FL
  • Saw Kort McCumber and Jim Gilmour play at Dunedin Brewery in Dunedin, FL
  • Built my raised-bed garden and harvested lots of veggies
  • Went to Las Vegas, NV
  • Several trips to Vermont
  • Volunteered at SolarFest in Tinmouth, VT
  • Trip to London, Paris and Barcelona
  • Participated in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Sarasota, FL
  • Thanksgiving in Vermont


  • Women With Moxie sponsored its first Member2Member event
  • Trip to Ireland for 10 days
  • My first helicopter rides
  • Laura Gale and I interviewed by Cliff Roles
  • Grew peppers in containers
  • Women With Moxie celebrated its one-year anniversary
  • Saw Joe Biden at Booker High School
  • Participated in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Sarasota, FL
  • Fall trip to Vermont
  • Saw Barack Obama in Sarasota, FL
  • Volunteered at eFest in Sarasota, FL
  • Bought my first house
  • Spent Christmas in Virginia


  • Was paid to act in a commercial that aired in several regions of Florida
  • Changed my business name to True Green Studios
  • Took a trip to Vermont in April (during which they had the equivalent of a hurricane)
  • Started, a website for do-gooders
  • Interviewed by Cliff Roles
  • Saw The Police in Miami, FL
  • Weekend in South Beach
  • Summer trip to Vermont
  • Created Women With Moxie
  • Honored for my service to Democratic Club of Sarasota
  • Represented Women With Moxie at Rosemary Rising
  • Attended eFest



  • Andrew came to visit
  • Weekend trip to Las Vegas
  • Several trips to Los Angeles
  • Summer trip to Vermont
  • Drank my way through the 80-beer club at Shakespeare’s
  • Created the website, a pixel advertising site


  • Started my web design business
  • Saw John Kerry & John Edwards in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Lived through Hurricane Charley


  • Moved to Florida
  • Elected to Board of Directors of Democratic Club of Sarasota


  • Went to Europe for 2 1/2 months
  • Saw The Cure in Rome
  • Got my second tattoo


  • Flew to Washington DC to interview for a job
  • Saw U2 in concert at the Molsen Center in Montreal
  • Shaved my head (unfortunately there is no photo evidence of this)
  • Volunteered at SolarFest
  • Became VP of the Rutland County Democrats


  • Graduated from college with a B.S in Business Management
  • Planned and attended my 10-year high school reunion

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