Why Urban Mayhem?

Why Urban Mayhem?

Our Start

Urban Mayhem Project started out as a way to love and appreciate my hometown of Rutland, Vermont. I was living back there unexpectedly, and I wanted to embrace it fully despite my previous misgivings about the city. I decided to look for every positive thing I could find and share it publicly so others could appreciate it also. Along with just reporting positive news, I helped created some, too. I instigated a couple yarn bombings by a talented group of local fibre artists. I also hung funny tear-off signs around town that people interacted with.

During this time I volunteered on a committee whose goal was the help pull the town out of a devastating heroin epidemic. I saw the best of people in my troubled town.

Becoming a Resource

I ended up moving back to the big city, and I transformed Urban Mayhem Project into a resource for urban dwellers, urban cyclists, minimalists, and folks who realize that there is more to transportation than just cars. Our Facebook page is regularly updated with interesting articles about how cities are dealing with their urban issues, including bicycle infrastructure, cyclist and pedestrian safety, public transportation, urban planning, complete streets, workforce housing, gentrification, urban social justice issues, and a lot more.

Acts of Urban Mayhem

Living in an urban environment involves a lot of human contact. It’s easy to put our heads down and shuffle along the sidewalk, but it can mean the world to someone when you engage with them. I keep this in mind when planning my acts of urban mayhem. Whether it’s free hugs at the farmers market or taking over a couple parking spaces for a few hours to throw an impromptu party, I like surprising people with things that make them smile.